“(The book) It’s wonderful! I love the little interactive questions throughout! Great educational points for kids (and adults). I really love the Parrotfish chapter. The whole book has a very interactive feel. I think parents will really enjoy reading it to their children and children will love the colorful photos and fun facts.” Debbie Arriaga, Director on Coralia Liveaboard Indonesia, underwater photographer Our Ocean Images.

“Loads of fun! Fishes make up more than half of all vertebrates, with around 27,000 species found right around the world. ‘All Fish Faces’ is full of Tam’s great photos from the best dive sites on the planet, and beautifully illustrates the diversity – and personality – of these weird and wonderful underwater animals. This is an excellent book for children with an interest in ocean life.” Dr. Simon Pierce, Co-Founder of Marine Megafauna Foundation, Whale Shark Expert, and Editor of Nature Tripper Magazine.

The bottom line to my review is that it is a book you cannot just thumb through. It hooks you from page one. The photography is fantastic and the models are the best. The information about the fish and where they were photographed only adds to the enjoyment. It is certainly a book that one will want a hard copy of and the perfect book for the waiting room of any office. This book Is great for all ages, young and old. Time just slips by as one is drawn into the environment of underwater photography. Janice Van Cleave

“I think children will love it. A lot of good fun facts in there that are interesting. Great book to introduce your children to the fish in the sea. Would be great at Aquariums.” Suzan Meldonian – CEO – Discover the Oceans, LLC, Underwater Photographer and Author, Scuba Diving Magazine Sea Hero.

“I would recommend the New 2nd Edition of All Fish Faces for the colorful depictions of the creatures in our oceans and the insight into their world. It should be in every elementary school library! I bought the book for my grandsons, and they loved it. My 8 year old grandson has learning disabilities and the anxiety that goes along with it. It was a very big moment for all of us when he chose All Fish Faces for show and tell. He read from the book and shared his love for the ocean and it’s creatures. This wonderful book allowed my grandson his moment in the spotlight. Every home should have a copy!” Catherine K, Amazon Review

“Completely inspired by this amazing book from solo female traveler Tam Warner Minton who has taken her love for marine photography and created a passion project to give others a window in the underwater world. Tam is as intrigued with the incredible diversity of fishes in our ocean and their unique personalities as I am. This book helps to showcase just how incredible this group of animals is, making it fun an accessible for anyone to learn more about these amazing animals. Tam is also loyal supporter of the Marine Megafauna Foundation and chooses generously to donate a portion of the proceeds from this book’s sales with this organization who is helping to Save Ocean Giants from Extinction. Ultimately this is a testament to what one person can achieve when they set out to share their passion with others. The book is ideal for kids, my own little girl has a copy and loves it!” Dr Andrea Marshall is a marine biologist known for her research into manta rays, and a founder of the Marine Megafauna Foundation. She was the subject of the Natural World documentary Andrea: Queen of Mantas.

We have long loved the ocean and learning about it! One of our favorite authors, Tam Warner Minton, is back with the second edition of All Fish Faces, a book we love and highly recommend. Dr. Jessie Voigts, www.Wandering

A great introduction to a variety of curious and colorful fish species. Fun, and particularly informative because of the many different views offered of the fish featured. Would make a fine gift for anyone looking for an ocean introduction. Paul North of Meet the Ocean Foundation, and National Geographic Underwater Specialist 

Both Mike and I enjoyed browsing this book, but the real test was to see what our nieces, Danica (11), Nadia (9) and Norah (9), thought of it! Danica – “The pictures were bright and vibrant, very descriptive with interesting facts.“ Nadia – “It was very interesting and I liked all the pictures. I like all the fun facts.” Norah – “I like the pictures, because they showed what the animals look like.  Some of the fish were weird.” All of our young readers seemed to have enjoyed learning about the fish and found the number of pictures and vibrant colours engaging.  Whether this snapshot of the underwater world inspires them to become divers and future conservationists remains to be seen, but they all thank Tam for the opportunity to read her book. Scubaverse Online Magazine,

I am so grateful for All Fish Faces, my grandson loves it. He has severe learning differences and is able to read your book because he can connect words with the photos. The pictures serve as clues. Kids like him usually have short term memory problems but he is able to store the information in long term memory because he had the connection with the photos. Thank you! Cathy M.K., Grandmother

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