Book Two of Ocean Friends, a nonfiction children’s book series by Tam Warner Minton

Ocean lovers and budding marine biologists will love More Fish Faces, Book Two in the children’s book series, Ocean Friends, that started with All Fish Faces. More Fish Faces gives you more fun faces and more fun facts for fish fans young and old. Colorful photography — including the names of every fish featured — creates a dive log worth experiencing again and again.

The photos and fun facts are presented in small and easily digestible bites so your child can enjoy learning in short bursts or longer reads. It is a wonderful book for bedtime. Concepts like recycling, repurposing, and sustainability are presented with photos and practical examples that are easily understood. 

The new kid’s series, Ocean Friends, educates children with vibrant photography, practical examples, and fun facts, inspiring them to go on and learn more. Meeting our ocean friends face to face will create a new generation of excited, enthusiastic, and caring ocean lovers who care deeply about marine life. Who knows? Maybe it will inspire future scientists, conservationists, and activists!

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