#FISHFRIDAY Brings the Peacock Flounder!

Flounders are super cool fish! They are often called flat fish. Their eyes are on top of their flat bodies and the mouth looks pretty funny too. The Peacock Flounder changes color to camouflage from their predators and prey, and when they are blended in, they are tough to spot. It’s really fun to watch them swim, they skim along the bottom of the ocean. Peacock Flounders can be very colorful and are also known as flower flounders. They hunt at night but you can see them during the day as well.

Published by tamwarnerminton

Tam is an author, travel writer, photographer and enthusiastic scuba diver. Her blog, Travels with Tam, chronicles her adventures all over the globe. Her New 2nd Edition of ALL FISH FACES, encourages everyone, especially kids, to participate in citizen science, learn about the ocean, and help preserve our ocean resources. By participating in scientific research expeditions all over the world Tam is able to introduce readers to a variety of fish and marine life. As a former University Lecturer and College Consultant, Tam is a true believer that knowledge is power, and education is always a positive force. By encouraging our kids to care about ocean animals, we may be able to save the ocean for future generations.

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