My Kids Book Series, OCEAN FRIENDS, will become a reality on September 1 with the publication of Book Two, More Fish Faces!

My dream came true when I published All Fish Faces, Photos, and Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish. 30 years of diving has shown me the deterioration of our oceans due to climate change, plastic pollution, and chemicals. Wanting to make a difference, I dreamed of inspiring and educating the next generation to become scuba divers, ocean stewards, and conservationists. Maybe even scientists and activists! By showing kids the beauty of our reefs and the personalities of our tropical fish, I hoped they would understand how necessary it is to preserve them. 

On September 1, 2020, Book Two of OCEAN FRIENDS will publish. More Fish Faces will introduce kids to eels, seahorses, and other new species. It will offer more information on climate change and what kids can do to help save the ocean. Both books are chock full of colorful photos and fun facts. I am so excited to see the birth of my new kids’ nonfiction series of books about marine life!

Don’t forget my new coloring book, All Fish Faces Coloring Book, now available at Amazon and here on my website. To purchase all books at a discount, please go to my book orders page. And, don’t forget to download free coloring and activity sheets to print at . .

Recommended by homeschool mom Erin Vincent at Nourishing my Scholar, the books and free printables are perfect for teaching kids at home . Younger children will love it when you read it to them and show them the colorful photographs.

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Tam is an author, travel writer, photographer and enthusiastic scuba diver. Her blog, Travels with Tam, chronicles her adventures all over the globe. Her New 2nd Edition of ALL FISH FACES, encourages everyone, especially kids, to participate in citizen science, learn about the ocean, and help preserve our ocean resources. By participating in scientific research expeditions all over the world Tam is able to introduce readers to a variety of fish and marine life. As a former University Lecturer and College Consultant, Tam is a true believer that knowledge is power, and education is always a positive force. By encouraging our kids to care about ocean animals, we may be able to save the ocean for future generations.

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