#FISHFRIDAY Brings the Peacock Flounder!

https://youtu.be/EWrIw1LpSjg Flounders are super cool fish! They are often called flat fish. Their eyes are on top of their flat bodies and the mouth looks pretty funny too. The Peacock Flounder changes color to camouflage from their predators and prey, and when they are blended in, they are tough to spot. It's really fun to [...]

#FISHFRIDAY and the Beautiful Butterflyfish!

It is #FishFriday and I am bringing you the beautiful Butterflyfish! Four Eyed Butterfly of Cozumel The beautiful Butterflyfish can be found on reefs all over the planet. There are close to 100 species! Like Angelfish, the Butterfly mates for life. Butterflyfish are a good indicator species of the health of a reef. A healthy [...]

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